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Adults with beautiful, straight teeth more often than not had braces as children. At Grandon Village Dental, we are committed to providing patients with the smiles they deserve with children’s braces in San Marcos. It’s important to seek orthodontic treatment in childhood, as the smile is still developing, and orthodontic appliances shape the teeth into ideal position for best health and function.

If you’re looking for affordable braces for your children, we welcome you to call the team at Grandon Village Dental for a consultation and to learn more about your options.

Traditional and Clear Braces for Kids

Dr. Phan provides orthodontic care for kids at our family dental practice. After an initial consultation, we can recommend the best methods for correcting orthodontic problems that include crowding, gaps between teeth, and bite misalignment. Options available from our team include:

Metal Braces – Wire and bracket braces are the most effective way to straighten the smile and correct complex dental issues. Because the brackets are securely attached to teeth with dental cement and metal wires are threaded through, they create the necessary amount of pull to coax teeth into position. Traditional braces are recommended for all dental crowding and misalignment, including overbite, underbite, and crossbite. In the case of severe alignment problems, special bands and attachments can be added to create ideal teeth and jaw position. Our team understands that self-esteem is a big deal for young patients, so we provide a fun way to customize braces with bright colors.

Invisalign® Clear Braces – Clear tray orthodontics are immensely popular, as they look nearly invisible. Teen dental patients may be most interested in these types of orthodontics, as they don’t want their dental appliances to look obvious. Invisalign is recommended for patients with mild to moderate crowding and gaps. Since the thin, but durable plastic cannot exert the same force as metal braces, Invisalign cannot be used to improve jaw misalignment.

The ideal patients for Invisalign are kids who are responsible and can routinely brush and floss teeth, as well as keep their aligners clean and protected. Dr. Phan reviews all parts of the Invisalign treatment process with patients to ensure they know what to expect and how to care for their appliances.

Patients who are hesitant to visit the dentist are comforted and cared for by our team. We make sure kids feel great about going to the dentist and are excited about their braces treatment.

Affordable Children’s Braces

We know the price of your treatment plan is important when it comes to providing dental care for the family. Grandon Village Dental offers affordable braces options with convenient payment plans. The complete cost of your child’s orthodontic treatment is divided into manageable portions, billed on a predictable, routine basis.

With our help, getting the care your child needs is more accessible than ever. For questions regarding insurance coverage, braces fees, and how we make Invisalign and traditional braces cost-effective, we welcome you to call our office and speak to a member of our team.

Questions about Braces Options? Call Grandon Village Dental!

Get started today by scheduling an appointment online or calling our office to speak to a friendly representative. We offer consultations and in-office visits that work with your family’s busy schedule. 

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