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 Dental Outreach - Mission Trips - Grandon Village Dental Office


Mission Trip to Micronesia 2014


Dr.Bailey recently provided dental care to people in need in Pohnpei, Micronesia.

 ​​Dr.Bailey said "The main reason we came here is to do what we can to help the dental and medical needs of the islanders.   Life is very different here.  Life expectancy is 63-67 with men dying younger.  Dental needs are overwhelming.  Most everyone, In fact I think everyone, have missing teeth and cavities."

Mission Trip to Micronesia 2014 

helping a patientDr.Bailey and Dr.Krause 

Dr.Bailey and Dr.Krause fixing up an ultasonic scaler.

Dr. Bailey and patient 

mission trip  



"Betelnut is a mild but addictive narcotic that stains the teeth with a solid black coating.  The locals cut it open and sprinkle it with tobacco for extra flavor, then chew it.  It is very difficult to remove and we did what we could but as long as they are chewing it, there is little value in removing it.  It also, but we do not say this, arrests decay.  I do not think we should recommend this as a cure for tooth decay.  It is always a pleasure to see people without this stain."


The effect of Betelnut: 

The effect of BetelnutThe effect of Betelnut








 Grandon Village proudly sponsors Miss San Marcos Maxine Marshall!

Miss San Marcos Maxine Marshall

Along with being Miss San Marcos, Maxine was recognized for many individual awards such as Miss Congeniality




Grandon Village At the Senior Street Fair in San Marcos!
Dr. Bailey and Dr. Phan recently attended the San Marcos Senior Street fair. The event was put on by Brookdale place, and was a neat opportunity to meet with senior residents from the local community. Along with helpful information about their dental health, our dentists were also handing out toothpaste and tooth brushes. Dr. Phan enjoyed both talking about cosmetic dentistry as well as regular dental maintenance. Our staff is looking forward to next year's fair. Senior Street Fair in San Marcos


Dr. Bailey Receives lifetime achievement award!
Dr. Bailey Receives lifetime achievement award Dr. Bailey was recently honored with a lifetime membership to NASDAD dental society. It is a non profit Christian dental society dedicated to mission work and dental education. It's members include dental hygienists and dentists from all over the United States. They meet every year at the large dental conventions. We are so proud of this achievement, and were definitely excited to see Dr. Bailey recognized for his dedication to the mission of dentistry.
In the picture to the right the president of NASDAD puts lifetime membership award around his neck. Congratulations Dr. Bailey, we are all so proud!!! Dr. Bailey Receives lifetime achievement award


Village Dental Office believes in community service and dental education. If you would like to have one of our dentists or health professionals come and meet with a group or classroom to speak about dental health and community outreach, please contact the practice manager, Ben Bailey at 760 891-0606.

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