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"Braces for Everyone!"

a limited time trial promotion!

At Grandon Village Dental Office, we have found that many of our patients have benefited from orthodontic care, and many more wish that they could get themselves, their children, and even grandchildren involved.

In the past, this would cost patients up to and over $5500.00, at the time of bracketing, for the patient to start orthodontic care. As shown in our many videos and testimonials, our patients found their results to be worth the time and money invested in their orthodontic procedures.

However, it has become very clear to us that in a time of financial duress on most families, special promotions are needed to allow every person the ability to give their families the gift of straight teeth.

Although every case needs to be approved by our office; if a patient qualifies (with our minimal requirements*) they will be able to start orthodontic treatment for less than $800.00 down and a low monthly payment plan month, based on the orthodontic case. If a patient has insurance, their plan can be applied to the orthodontic payments as long as the insurance is one of our accepted carriers.

$795.00 Gets you started! Only 13 payments of 323.00*

Included in your treatment is the following:

Actual Patient Testimonial
  • Orthodontic treatment is initiated upon receiving the down payment! 
  • All X-Rays and molds are included
  • All visits are included in payments
  • No broken bracket fees
  • This offer covers complete traditional metal brackets
  • 2 sets of Retainer (Essix and Hawley)
  • 3 months of follow up care for insured patient success after completion of treatment.

Our "We're not happy until your happy" results guarantee!**

Care CreditFor those patients who feel the payments are just out of reach at this point, we do work with Care Credit to finance their treatments for longer periods of time. Patients can use Care Credit to finance orthodontic care for longer periods of time and less money down if they are approved. Please keep in mind that Care Credit is a third party lender and as such we are not a part of the approval process.

*Please call the office for details of requirements, and free consultation.

**We believe that we should not take off brackets until parents and/or the patient is happy with their orthodontic results. We set no timeline for your orthodontic care, you do. We find this allows the patient to be involved more in the case, and generally leads to great results and a happy experience.

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