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“Best” is a term subject to opinion and preference. When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, your personal best choice revolves around price, functionality, and aesthetics. There are teeth replacement options that meet all or many of these qualifications, allowing you to feel confident and enjoy complete dental function.

At Grandon Village Dental, we are committed to helping you choose treatments that work well for you and meet all of your personal preferences. Consider the following options for tooth replacement:

Partial Dentures

Perhaps the most cost-effective option available, partial dentures are a non-invasive way to complete your smile. Impressions are taken of your teeth and the current gap in your smile so a new tooth can be created at a dental lab. The prosthetic is attached to a thin metal frame or gum-like pink plastic frame in some cases, and secure in place around your current teeth.

Partial dentures must be removed to eat and are not permanently affixed in the smile. Because dental surgery is not required, patients find this to be the most comfortable way to get a full smile. Others may find constantly removing their teeth replacement night and day to be a challenge.

Fixed Dental Bridge

This is one of the most popular ways to replace a single missing tooth or several teeth in a group. The prosthetic is fixed, long-lasting, and natural-looking. Patients enjoy complete dental function and are able to bite into and chew all of their favorite foods. Dental bridges are cemented in place and made of a variety of materials, depending on budget and aesthetics, including metal-based with a porcelain overlay and zirconia.

To place a dental bridge, the teeth surrounding the gap are filed down to small posts, so the crowns attached to a bridge can be placed. This establishes a firm hold for your prosthetic and allows your smile to function naturally. Bridges can last for decades when properly cared for and are some of the most dependable prosthetics available. However, some patients may be hesitant to have otherwise healthy teeth filed down and do not want the extra hassle of using special cleaning tools to ensure no debris is caught between the bridge and the gum line.

Dental Implants

This is the gold standard in permanent teeth replacement. During treatment with a dental implant, a titanium post is embedded into the bone, like a natural tooth root. The post merges with the bone, creating the most stable foundation possible for aesthetic restoration with a crown. After implants are placed and tissues have healed, you can expect your new smile to behave exactly like your own teeth. Implants, when placed and healed properly, do not have to be replaced and can be kept in your smile for a lifetime.

Oral surgery is needed to place implants, but the process is efficient and comfortable. The cost of implants makes them an investment in your health that may deter others but pays dividends in personal wellness and confidence.

If you have one or more missing teeth, it’s important to visit a dentist a soon as possible to discuss your options and prevent complications from loss of natural teeth. After a consultation with the team at Grandon Village Dental, you can make the best possible choice for your needs. Call out office today to make an appointment! 

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