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Braces for Everyone

Braces for Everyone by San Marcos Dentist, Dr. Thi Thi Phan

Straight teeth are a great accompaniment to a perfect smile. Adults and children alike know that an orthodontic treatment plan is going to achieve their desired smile. At Grandon Village Dental Office, we use traditional metal braces and Invisalign® to improve the position of teeth. Dr. Thi Thi Phan is experienced at adjusting misaligned teeth and overall bite through orthodontic treatment.

At our San Marcos dental office, Dr. Phan provides braces for everyone. For adults and children who worry about visiting the dentist, Dr. Phan’s gentle manner is comforting. Having your dentist and orthodontist in the same office is convenient.


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Braces for Children and Adults

Grandon Village Dental Office offers two types of orthodontic procedures for patients seeking a straighter smile: traditional, metal braces and Invisalign®.

Metal Braces

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands to safely move teeth into the desired position. These braces are most often recommended for children, but they are an option for adults as well. During the initial visit, Dr. Phan will bond brackets to the teeth and the patient will return every month for an adjustment. For children, colored rubber bands have become a bit of a fashion statement and kids enjoy choosing their colors.

Invisalign®Grandon Village Dental Office Orthodontics

Adults who are ready to improve their smile appreciate the Invisalign option. A more cosmetically appealing orthodontic treatment, Invisalign’s clear aligners give adults an almost natural appearance. A series of clear alignment trays are custom created to gently move a patient’s teeth into the desired position. A new tray is worn every two weeks. Patients will only have to visit Dr. Phan to periodically check on the progression of treatment, or receive the next set of aligners. The Invisalign® system is a favored choice for adult patients for its discreet look and removability. 

Dr. Gerald Bailey and Dr. Thi Thi Phan work to protect the oral health of every patient. With Dr. Phan’s orthodontic experience, patients of Grandon Village Dental Office will have complete dental service. As children grow through developments in their oral health and dentition, Dr. Phan is there to help care for their orthodontic concerns. Dr. Phan is exceptional with fearful patients and has a way to make both adults and children comfortable through treatment with braces. 

If you are new to Grandon Village Dental Office and looking to improve your smile, or have a child in need of braces, contact our San Marcos office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phan. We accept new patients for orthodontic and general dental care. We look forward to improving your smile.